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BCB Dapp (decentralized app)

Learn everything about blockchain & crypto now! The blockchain technology is the internet 3.0, where everything is possible. Do you want to better understand blockchain technology as an individual or company, so that you can respond faster to the rapidly changing digital world? Then Blockchain Crypto Business is the right place for you! You can exchange the BCBT token on the BCB platform for exclusive blockchain and crypto information! You can mint and stake the BCB nft, so you will receive the BCBT token in your wallet every day! The BCB Dapp is coming! After the launch of the Dapp it is possible to exchange the BCBT for information!


INO: Mint de BCB OG MEMBER nft!

Ontvang exclusieve voordelen!

Mint per wallet 1 of 1000 limited edition BCB OG NFTs! So that you get exclusive benefits in the BCB discord server! This way you not only get access to the premium discord channels, you can also strike the BCB nft and earn BCBT tokens every day. BCBT can be redeemed in the future via the website and dapp for exclusive information. You can also trade the BCBT tokens on a decentralized exchange (DEX) in the future.

ICO: Mint de BCBT token!

Ontvang exclusieve informatie!

Mint a maximum of 10,000 BCBT tokens per wallet. You can exchange BCBT on the website for crypto training, information and a personal coach. In the future you can also exchange the BCBT token on the decentralized app for uploading and viewing crypto information, liking crypto research, interacting with a personal crypto coach and much more!