Niels is one of the founders of the BCB platform. His passion for blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies originated in 2014. At that time, his father had started telling him about Bitcoin: a digital coin and a mining computer that could mine Bitcoins. They both did not fully understand what this meant, and decided to further educate themselves about it. After researching Bitcoin, they saw how the Bitcoin network was made possible by blockchain technology. This led to a further interest and desire to know more about how blockchain worked. Unfortunately, they were not able to set up a Bitcoin miner due to a lack of knowledge. However, this passion was not fully extinguished, as Niels decided to continue his research of blockchain technology in 2017. For the last five years, Niels has fully invested his efforts in performing research into this mysterious technology, as he was convinced that it was a highly relevant tool of the future. According to Niels, blockchain technology, as well as NFT’s, will be fully integrated in our digital (financial) society. With this thought in mind, Niels started the Blockchain Crypto Business (BCB) in order to be able to inform businesses and individual traders about blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.