As an employee of a large Dutch consortium, Kenneth has accumulated years of experience in the sector of delivering services and support. In 2015 he first heard about Bitcoin from his local football association. However, he felt that it was a risky undertaking and thus decided to spend his time doing sports and gaming. However, in 2019 his eyes were opened when he learned more about the various techniques behind cryptocurrencies. As opposed to simply trying to obtain a diversified portfolio of cryptocurrency, he decided to also investigate the inner workings of different blockchain technologies and the process of bridging between these blockchains: fully being able to interact on web3. Aditionally, he recognized the value of NFT’s that could, for example, be integrated into games that would be played on a world-wide basis. Because he investigated the aforementioned facets of crypto, he found out that this knowledge would prove to be indispensable for Airdrops.