Fred is one of the founders of the BCB platform and is the father of Niels. Fred’s passion of cryptocurrencies and blockchain were awakened in 2014 when a friend of his told him about a Bitcoin miner he had purchased recently. After the all-time-high of Bitcoin in 2017, Fred’s passion was reinvigorated, and he decided to do further research concerning the blockchain technology that made Bitcoin possible. In the last five years, this father and son duo have invested vast amounts of time, energy, and money in several projects. Because Bitcoin was not as profitable to mine as Ethereum in 2017, Fred instead chose to purchase mining rigs to focus on mining ETH. This choice was further solidified due to the smart-contract technology behind the Ethereum network and the potential merge to Proof of Stake (POS). After mining Ethereum, Fred decided to delve deeper into different crypto node projects, which allowed him to mine crypto with a small computer that had a greatly decreased electrical power consumption. These last five years Fred has gained much knowledge of the cryptocurrency market, and he would like to share this valuable knowledge with other people that share his passion of blockchain technology.