Mint the BCB badge NFT!

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Mint the BCB Youtube NFT today. This shows that you are subscribed to the BCB YouTube channel. By watching the videos you support the BCB channel and we really appreciate that! We would like to express this appreciation in the form of a reward! That is why BCB subscribers can mint the BCB Youtube NFT for free. This gives them a chance to win many different types of rewards now and in the future! Do you want to mint the BCB youtube NFT? Then join the BCB Discord channel so that you can have your wallet address approved. You can then mint the NFT for free! Of course, you pay 1 to 2 cents for the MATIC tokens in gas fees.

If the BCB youtube NFT is not showing in your wallet. Then join the BCB discord channel and feel free to contact us. Then we will help you as quickly as possible!

NFT smart contract address (Polygon):